Vegan Burger from the Vegan Zombie

Summertime is burger time — even in a zombie apocalypse. Have you ever wondered what you will eat after the zombies take over? Will it even be possible to maintain a vegan diet? Yes, it will — at least if you believe The Vegan Zombie.

The video below offers a recipe for Spicy Black Bean Burgers that you may want to try now, rather than waiting for the apocalypse.

Tamales by the Vegan Zombie

Out here in the Desert Southwest, tamales are THE meal during Christmas time. So we thought we would share how to make them.

In this video, under threat of zombie attack, the Vegan Zombie walks you through the steps to make easy vegan tamales. Enjoy his antics while he shows off his mad culinary skills — and then take a stab at making his tasty tamales.