Street Food from India

Street food seems to be universal. Every country has its own version. There are some cool videos online that highlight street food from around the world.

Here’s one such video from the YouTube channel Gluttony – Best Streetfood.

Gluttony has a series of videos that show street vendors making a variety of Indian food. This video shows how they make Punjabi Aloo Chaat, a popular street food. 

NOTE: Some of the videos on this channel do contain milk and paneer. Vegans can easily substitute soy milk and cashew cheese in those recipes.

Tamales by the Vegan Zombie

Out here in the Desert Southwest, tamales are THE meal during Christmas time. So we thought we would share how to make them.

In this video, under threat of zombie attack, the Vegan Zombie walks you through the steps to make easy vegan tamales. Enjoy his antics while he shows off his mad culinary skills — and then take a stab at making his tasty tamales.

3 Course Vegan Holiday Meal

As the holidays quickly approach it’s good to be armed with a few dishes to take to the family gathering that you can eat, or to your local holiday potluck. This video gives you a 3-course meal that you can cook and serve at home, if you are entertaining.

Olga from provides clear simple instructions on how to prepare the food for each dish. The recipes are sound and techniques solid. Go ahead and wrap bows around this food when you deliver it to your table. Your family and friends will consider them gifts.

What recipes are you planning for your holiday meal?

DIY Mason Jar Gifts

With the holidays soon upon us, our friends over at provide us with simple instructions on how to make creative mason jar gifts. In additional to filling them with homemade foods like jam, salsa, or pickled items, the jars are ideal for everything from vegan snacks to succulent plants. Overall these versatile containers provide the perfect vessel for your presents.

Don’t forget the handmade label!


Making Veg Balls

Getting the many health benefits of raw fruits and vegetable through juicing can be a lot of work. It also generates quite a bit of waste. If you cringe at the thought of throwing away food, you probably wonder what you can do with the pulp that’s left over?

One common solution that some people have found useful is to get a dehydrator and make fruit leather or fruit strips, but here’s another brilliant idea from the YouTube channel BestJuicer — along with two other recipes you can use for harvest/Thanksgiving all made from with your juicer.


Do you have creative ideas for using juicer pulp? Share them with us on Facebook or Twitter.

Pumpkin Mac n Chz video

Have you ever thought of this: adding pumpkin to macaroni and cheese? There’s pumpkin ravioli, so why not mac and cheese? Comfort food plus fall staple could be the ultimate fall comfort food.

The Edgy Veg gives us clear guidance in the video below on how to add in that pumpkin puree you so lovingly created when sugar pie pumpkins were available.

Serve this to your family and friends with a little tofu bacon crumble on top.


Is this something you’re going to try?