Things Vegans Cook celebrates vegan food and cooking.

A new photo of vegan food (aka food porn) will be posted on a regular basis.  These high quality photos will also be shared on our social media profiles and archived on the site for you to peruse at will.

Once a week we will post a vegan recipe from leading members of the vegan community.  Chefs, bloggers, cookbook writers, vegan business owners, celebrities, etc., will share their favorite recipes with you, so check in weekly for “Meatless Monday” ideas.

Every Wednesday, TVC will highlight vegan videos.  Learn how to cook a specific vegan recipe or master a cooking technique. There may be interviews with vegans or links to popular vegan videos — almost anything goes. It’s a great way to get you over the mid-week hump.

On Fridays we’ll delve into the world of vegan publishing. Discover vegan cookbooks, memoirs, and other books about veganism, vegans, and vegan cooking to explore over the weekend.

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